A new app for socializing

The project started a few years ago with different activities to allow members to meet in a friendly atmosphere. "Everyone talks to each other in a friendly atmosphere to meet, do language exchanges or simply talk about their passions, activities or hobbies. You can come alone or with friends, simply install socializus on your computer, Ios or Android

Find or create your community!

All users can create a discussion group to meet athletes, music enthusiasts, cultural activities, internationals, French speakers, party animals or entrepreneurs. Offer a friendly, professional, free, paid or paid activity to create your community and talk to participants on whatsapp before your activities. WhatsApp groups are secret to avoid spam and are available in the iOS or Android app.

Android App

The SOCIALIZUS application has been available and free on all smartphones with the Android system since August 2020. Do not hesitate to join or share an activity in a few clicks with the application.

Ios App & web app

Compatible and free with an iphone 5 or an Ipad from Ios 10. With an older iphone, you just have to launch Safari on www.socializus.app to use the application which is also available on the web with a simple internet browser .

Hotline & Whatsapp

If you have a problem with our application, contact the socializus team with the infoline on 08 99 49 01 71 or the support group whatsapp & hotline. The discussion group can help and advise you to become an organizer or create your activity.